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Branded petrol price cut by over Rs 5/litre
10 July 2014; DELHI: Price of branded or premium petrol was on Thursday cut by over Rs 5 per litre after finance minister Arun Jaitley slashed excise duty on the fuel. Central excise duty on Branded Petrol was cut from Rs 7.50 per litre to Rs 2.35 per litre. Branded petrol, which contains special performance enhancing additives, attracted higher duties than normal petrol. The differential excise duty led to huge difference in price of normal and branded fuel, resulting in sales of the premium version dropping to almost nil. The removal of excise duty would bring the two fuel at par. BPCL's premium branded petrol - Speed - costs Rs 83.03 in Delhi while normal petrol is priced at Rs 73.55 a litre.
Petrol price hiked by Rs. 1.69/litre, diesel by 50 paise
30 June 2014; Delhi: Petrol price was on Monday hiked by a steep Rs. 1.69 per litre and diesel by 50 paise a litre as the crisis in Iraq spooked international oil and currency markets. The hike, effective midnight tonight, excludes local sales tax or VAT and the actual increase will be higher, varying from city to city. Petrol in Delhi will cost Rs. 73.58 per litre, up Rs. 2.02 from Rs. 71.56 at present. Diesel rates will go up by 56 paise to Rs. 57.84 per litre. "Due to geo-political unrest in the Middle East, there has been significant increase in international oil prices during the past two weeks. "The international prices of gasoline (petrol) have increased by more than USD 4 per barrel, and the rupee-US dollar exchange rate has also deteriorated. The combined impact of both these factors has warranted an increase in petrol prices by Rs. 1.69 per litre, excluding state levies," Indian Oil Corp, the nation's largest oil firm, said. Diesel rates were hiked in continuation with the previous UPA government's January 2013 policy of raising prices in small doses every month to eliminate subsidy. IOC said despite the 17 hikes since then, oil firms are losing Rs. 3.40 a litre on diesel. Losses have increased from Rs. 2.80 a litre earlier this month due to firming up of international oil rates and the rupee depreciating against the US dollar. Besides diesel, the state oil firms lose Rs. 33.07 a litre on kerosene sold through the public distribution system (PDS) and Rs. 449 per 14.2-kg domestic subsidised LPG (cooking gas) cylinder. IOC said at current rate the industry (IOC plus Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum) are projected to end the fiscal with Rs. 107,850 crore of revenue losses.
Diesel prices hiked by 50 paise a litre
31 May 2014; Delhi: Diesel prices were hiked Saturday by 50 paise a litre, excluding state levies, the second such increase in rates in three weeks. Before this increase, diesel prices had risen by a cumulative Rs 9.55 a litre in 15 installments since January 2013. The new diesel price in Delhi after including taxes is Rs 57.28 per litre, while it costs Rs 65.84 a litre in Mumbai.
Diesel price hiked by Rs 1.09 a litre after polling ends
12 May 2014; DELHI: After a brief hiatus, diesel prices were on Monday hiked by Rs 1.09 a litre, excluding state levies. The monthly increases in diesel rates, which had been put on hold just before India began voting to elect a new government, were back no sooner than polling ended on Monday. The hikes, effective from midnight, are excluding state sales tax or VAT and actual increase will be higher and will vary from city to city, the oil companies announced. Diesel price in Delhi will be hiked by Rs 1.22 a litre after including taxes, to Rs 56.71 per litre, while it will cost Rs 65.21 a litre in Mumbai as against Rs 63.86 at present. State-owned oil companies, which had last hiked diesel price on March 1, will lose Rs 5.71 a litre even after today's hike. The Cabinet had in January last year decided that diesel prices should be raised by 40-50 paise a litre every month until losses on the fuel are wiped out. However, oil firms skipped the hikes due on April 1 and May 1 as UPA did not want to take unpopular decision during election season. The deferred hikes have now been implemented. Before today's increase, diesel prices had risen by a cumulative Rs 8.33 a litre in 14 instalments since January 2013. There will be no change in petrol rates even though the oil firms were losing about 50 paise a litre due to depreciation in value of rupee against the US dollar. Oil PSUs IOC, BPCL and HPCL had on April 1 skipped raising diesel rates as per the January 2013 decision of the Cabinet of small monthly raises, on the plea that revenue losses on the fuel have dropped below Rs 6 a litre. They again did not raise rates on May 1 even though the losses had climbed to Rs 6.80 per litre. The oil ministry had at the time of shelving the April hike stated that an expert committee headed by Kirit Parikh recommended that government provide a fixed subsidy of Rs 6 per litre on diesel and so there was no need to raise rates if the revenue losses were below this threshold. While the government is yet to accept the Parikh panel recommendations, the oil ministry, wary of the political fallout due to the unpopular move to raise prices, approached the poll watchdog towards March-end seeking its nod to keep monthly raises in abeyance. The Election Commission did not respond to the ministry's request for over a month, a development that was cited to yet again for not raising fuel rates on May 1 even though losses had surpassed the Rs 6 a litre threshold. The Election Commission has now told the ministry that since the revenue loss on the fuel is currently Rs 6.80 per litre, it is for the oil ministry to take a decision on raising rates. "As a sequel to the under-recovery on diesel having fallen below Rs 6 per litre, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas had referred the matter to Election Commission of India on March 31, 2014. Accordingly, PSU oil marketing companies did not increase prices of diesel on April 1, 2014 and May 1, 2014. "As the proposed change has not been accepted by the Election Commission, the oil marketing companies are required to effect both the price increases together," said Indian Oil Corp, the nation's largest fuel retailer. IOC said even after today's increase, oil firms will have an under-recovery (revenue loss) of Rs 5.71 a litre on diesel. Diesel rates had risen regularly barring just one time. Oil companies skipped raising diesel prices in April 2013, when assembly elections were held in oil minister M Veerappa Moily's home state Karnataka. However, they made up by hiking diesel prices by 90 paise in the following month.
Indraprastha Gas Ltd raises prices of CNG, PNG
03 May 2014; DELHI: Indraprastha Gas Ltd on Friday raised prices of CNG (gas used as automotive fuel) by Rs 2.95 per kg and PNG (piped gas in kitchens) by Re 1 citing rise in input costs. CNG price was reduced by Rs 14.90 per kg and PNG by Rs 5 per consumption slab in February after the Centre said the gas demand for such service would be met with cheaper domestic gas. IGL was meeting a substantial part of the demand with liquid gas imported in ships that cost three times the supplies from domestic fields. "Since there has been no change in the domestic gas allocation to IGL and is expected to remain at existing level in the near future as well, the increase in gas consumption is being met through higher-priced imported LNG (liquefied natural gas)," IGL said. If the new gas pricing regime comes into effect after the polls, CNG prices would rise about Rs 9-10 per kg since the price of gas from domestic fields would double to $8.3 per unit from $4.2 now. After Friday's revision, CNG would cost Rs 38.15 per kg against Rs 35.20. Due to difference in the tax rate, the fuel would cost Rs 43.50 in Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad. PNG would now cost Rs 25.50 per scm (standard cubic metre) against Rs 24.50 per scm up to consumption of 36 scm in two months. Beyond 36 scm in two months, the applicable rate in Delhi would be Rs 48 per scm. In Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad, PNG would cost Rs 27.30 per scm for consumption of 36 scm in two months, up from Rs 26.20 per scm. Beyond this limit, the rate applicable in these cities would be Rs 48.75 per scm. The price of CNG was last raised on December 27, 2013 when it was increased by Rs 4.50 per kg. PNG price was also increased by Rs 5.15. This was followed by a steep cut of Rs 14.90 per kg in CNG rates and Rs 5 per unit in PNG as government increased allocation of cheaper domestic gas to IGL. The CNG price hike comes at a time when autorickshaw unions in Delhi are agitating against GPS devices being made mandatory by the transport department. While most auto unions claimed the price rise would not prompt them to demand a similar hike in fares, they were adamant that increase in rates would not be tolerated. "Since auto fares were revised recently, we would not like to burden commuters any more. However, if CNG rates keep going up, we will be forced to demand a hike," said Rajender Soni, an auto union leader. Another leader, Krishan Verma, echoed similar sentiments adding that the increase in CNG prices would be "absorbed" by autorickshaw drivers at present.
Petrol price cut by 70 paise a litre
15 April 2014; DELHI: The price of petrol was today cut by 70 paise a litre, excluding local levies, the second reduction in rates this month as appreciation of the rupee against the US dollar made oil imports cheaper. The reduction, effective midnight tonight, excludes local sales tax or VAT and the actual cut will be higher, varying from city to city. The price of petrol in Delhi will be lowered by 85 paise to Rs 71.41 a litre. This follows a 75 paise a litre reduction on April 1, which translated into a cut of 90 paise in Delhi to Rs 72.26. In Mumbai, petrol will cost Rs 80 a litre from tomorrow as against Rs 80.89 currently. Announcing the rate cut, Indian Oil Corporation, the nation's largest fuel retailer, said, "The continued appreciation of the rupee has resulted in reduction in petrol prices." There will be no change in diesel prices as oil firms revise rates of the nation's most consumed fuel on a monthly basis. The government freed petrol prices from its control in June 2010 and since then state-owned oil firms have been revising rates on the 1st and 16th of every month based on the fortnightly average of international oil prices and the rupee-US dollar exchange rate. For diesel, the government had in January last year decided to allow oil firms to raise rates by up to 50 paise a litre, excluding local levies, every month until losses on the fuel are wiped out. Since January 2013, diesel rates have risen by Rs 8.33 over 14 monthly installments. IOC said it still loses Rs 5.49 on the sale of every litre of diesel.
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